A Sandwich Alternative or Something Better? - The Paleo Steak Sandwich

This post is a few years old now, but the sandwich is still just a good.

  Mar 30, 2017   admin

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As some of you know for the last year and a half I have been changing the way I eat. I have been trying to get away from eating as many grains and legumes, sugars, dairy products and processed foods as I can. Instead I have been focusing on eating whole foods; vegetables, nuts and seeds, wild caught fish, and naturally raised animals, like local grass fed beef, or when I am lucky wild game harvested locally here in Wyoming. 

I have placed a great deal of emphasis on finding the best ingredients that I can find, organic over conventionally produced products, local whenever possible, and always the freshest and most flavorsome products I can find. 

I do give myself a day a week for indulgences like beer, cheese, a great loaf of crusty bread or a desert, but the rest of the week I have given up entirely eating the vast majority of the foods in the categories I listed above. Note: If you are interested in why I have decided to make these changes in my diet check out this article

If I tell you the truth, one of the things that I miss most on my diet is a good sandwich. I should also note that I am not usually one to search out alternatives. I lived once in a vegetarian household and was always bewildered by my veggie roommates quest for meat "substitutes"; Soy Sausage, Tofurkey, fake bacon, bean burgers, gluten based faux chicken. I wasn't and am still not a fan of any of these products, and I when I started my own eating project I made a concerted effort to change the way I eat, not try to fool myself into believing that I was still eating this or that now forbidden food item. Instead I let myself have the occasional indulgence on Saturdays, or when I eat at a friends house. 

So, all that said, I did find myself searching for a good sandwich - without bread.

Enter the Eggplant Sandwich.


What I ultimately came up with is what my wife now calls the "eggplant sandwich" which like any sandwich can include any number of ingredients, except we use thick slabs of roasted and caramelized eggplant instead of bread. Oh, did I mention it's incredible?

Tonight we made our eggplant sandwiches with very local Wyoming grass fed NY strip, roasted red peppers, cilantro from our garden, red onions and a homemade chipotle aioli. Because it was a Saturday we topped the eggplant in the oven with a thick slab of homemade queso which we broiled until it was nicely browned and bubbly. It was delicious.