Welcome to the Cookgypsy Notebook. I use these pages as my reference guide, sketchbook and archive for notebook related blog posts and recipes. Much of the content in this area is being worked on - unfinished recipes, working or memorable menus, and notes and or photos on methods and techniques or projects I am working on. Additionally I use this section to keep an ongoing list of online and regional resources that I use frequently to purchase ingredients supplies and equipment. Feel free to poke around, make comments and suggestions or try out recipes I am playing with. If you live in the Wyoming or Northern Colorado area and have a link or resource that you think I should include in my recources and links let me know, and I will add it in.

Working Recipes and Techniques:

Jerk Paste Marinade / Sauce for Tacos - Working

I've been working on this recipe primarily for Jerk Tacos - so far I have used variations on this recipe for pork, beef and chicken. Pork and chicken worked best, though the beef was very nice, The marinade didn't penetrate well into the beef, though it was very good as a sauce.

Guava Mojo Marinade Recipe for Tacos de Churrasco - Working Recipe

The marinade base for another in the line of "Island Tacos" I am working on for both my Sunday Taco Night and for my publication project. This recipe is a marinade for skirt steak. It needs at least 4 hours time to marinate - and no longer than overnight.

Note Book Links

Butchering and Meat Processing

Duck & Duck Products

Local Colorado Cheeses

Artisanal Food Suppliers

  • Earthly Delights
    Carry such sepcialty items as cuitlacoche, and wild picked ingredients like ramps, morels, and truffles.
  • L'Epicerie
    Caviar, Roe & Sea Delicacies, Condiments, Organic French Flours, SICOLY & Boiron Fruit Purees, Fruit Spreads, Preserves, Honeys, Fruit Syrups, Fruits in Syrup, Molecular Gastronomy, Natural Flavorings, Aromas, Flavors, Olive Oils, Pasta, Rice, Beans,Sea Salts,Truffles & Truffle products,Vinegar & Verjus.
  • La Tienda
    Authentic Spanish specialties, paella supplies, hams, squid ink, paprika and more.
  • Le Sanctuaire
    Books, Herbs & Spices, Molecular Gastronomy, Oils & Vinegars, Truffles,Pasta, Rice & Grains, Pastry, Tabletop, Tools & Equipments

Online Asian Food Shopping

Need to find a brass wok? or Malaysian belacan shrimp paste for your curry laksa? I have been collecting good sites for finding hard to find Asian ingredients and kitchen wares online. The list is far from comprehensive, but covers a lot of territory - if you have another site that should be on this list,  please let me know.

  • Asia Foods 
    This site makes available to purchase many of the ingredients signature of Asian cuisine. Also included is a recipe search sorted by the type of course, the cuisine, the primary ingredient, and the method of cooking.
  • Asian Home Gourmet 
    Various pastes and marinades.
  • Asian Wok 
    Sections of the site can be sorted by individual country or under a general all Asia category. Including a marketplace to purchase a variety of food products, recipes of fine Asian cuisines, and a Chinatown gift store.
  • BangkokMarket.Com 
    Online store includes rice & noodles, spices, sauces, canned goods, sushi equipement, Thai utensils.
  • Ethnic Grocer 
    Huge selection of groceries.
  • Far Away Foods 
    Products from around the world including Asian.
  • iKorea 
    An online Korean web grocer that offers over hundreds of Korean products. It is especially known for its kimchi, being the only website to offer and provide kimchi online, freshly sealed and packaged and consistently with a refreshing taste.​​​​​​​
    Thai dry goods, produce, canned goods, and cookware for wholesale prices.
  • Indian Grocer 
    Part of Ethnic grocer specializing just on Indian products.​​​​​​​
  • ITO EN 
    Online store offering a selection of teas from various regions throughout the world.
  • KA-ME 
    A selection of Ka-Me products including dry mixes, cooking wine and vinegars, seasonings, noodles and more.
  • Neemos Ice cream 
    Homemade ice cream in exotic Asian flavors like Mango Magic, Cashew Crème, Saffron Silk and Chikoo Crunch.
  • Pacific Rim Gourmet 
    In addition to food items, this online store offers an impressive array of cookware such as hotpots, tabletop grills and nifty gadgets for your asian kitchen.
    Buy asian food and cookware online direct from the supplier.
  • Tasty Bite 
    Order ready to eat Indian and Thai dishes. Curry pastes and sauces are also available to buy online.
  • Temple of Thai 
    Online Asian grocery for Thai cooking ingredients and Asian cookware.
  • Thai Grocer 
    Offers product information, a ThaiGrocer cooking school, and an extensive online grocery store.
  • The Wok Shop
    Located in the heart of San Francisco’s famous Chinatown, The Wok Shop is a family–owned and operated business specializing in hard–to–find Asian cooking tools. Their stock of merchandise covers nearly every aspect of Asian cooking.