60/40 Burgers

burgers.gifImage: Josh Neugass

60/40 Burgers

I've worked on making the very best ground beef I can. This recipe brings together a mix of 60% beef boneless short ribs and 40% applewood smoked bacon. The resulting burger has incredible flavor, a solid 20% to 25% fat content and takes an incredible sear.


  • 6 pounds Boneless Beef Short Ribs
  • 4 pounds Applewood Smoked Bacon


This recipe uses two ingredients:
Boneless beef short ribs and applewood smoked bacon.









  1. Place your grinder parts into the freezer for an hour before you start to grind your meat. You will want to use a course grind plate, a quarter inch hole is optimal. The course grind plate for the Kitchen aid works well. 5428_3_0_0.JPG
  2. Cut your ribs and bacon into 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch pieces (or smaller) so they will feed easily into the grinder.
  3. Mix the beef and bacon in a large metal mixing bowl.
  4. Place the filled bowl in the freezer and mixing the meat occasionally untl it is uniformly firm and frosty - not quite frozen, but very cold.
  5. When the meat is chilled, assemble the grinder.
  6. Feed the beef and bacon into the grinder and collect in another bowl.
  7. At this point you will have a "pebble grind" on your mix. Separate out 1/3 the grind and place it back in the freezer. Do not compress the grind just let it remain loose.
  8. Run the remaining grind back through the grinder once more.
  9. Combine the double-ground meat back in to the pebble grind mix carefully, trying not to compress the grind any more than necessary.
  10. Refrigerate grind until ready to make patties.