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doughs for pasta/noodles, sauces for pasta, filled pastas etc


Green Chile Pasta Dough

Side dish | Entrée | Noodle | Green Chile | Southwestern | Eggs | Flour | Homemade Pasta

Green chile powder, cumin, and garlic make this unique pasta rich with Southwestern flavor.


Orzo Salad

Side dish | Mediterranean | Pasta

A warm orzo side salad with Mediterranean flavors.


Pad Thai

Entrée | Lunch | Dinner | Thai | Southeast Asia | Peanut | Shrimp | Tofu | Tamarind | Noodle

Pad Thai is often considered a signature dish of Thai cuisine. There are several regional variations, and many different recipes. This recipe tries to bring together the most common themes, spices and ingredients to create a familiar and authentic variation on this classic dish.


Pan-Seared Chicken with Artichokes and Pasta

Entrée | Dinner | Pasta | Chicken | Artichoke


Red Chile Pasta Dough

Noodle | Southwestern | Eggs | Flour | Homemade Pasta | Pasta | Red Chile

This makes a bright red pasta dough that has a nice chile flavor. You can use a hotter chile powder to turn up the heat.


Rich Saffron Pasta Dough

Noodle | Eggs | Flour | Homemade Pasta | Pasta | Saffron


Rogue's Lobster & Green Chile Mac & Cheese

Noodle | Flour | Pasta | Cheese | Bechamel Sauce | Macaroni | Lobster

I'm still tweaking this one, trying new cheese mixtures mostly, but this recipe is creamy and very rich!


Smoked Paprika Pasta Dough

Noodle | Eggs | Flour | Homemade Pasta | Pasta | Smoked | Paprika

Smoky, and sweet, but with out the heat - this pasta dough will add an unique character many dishes.


Wok Seared Scallops With Chipotle Lime Pasta

Entrée | Lunch | Dinner | Noodle | Southwestern | Pasta | Red Chile | Scallops | Lime | Chipotle Chile

Here is a light "Southwestern" styled dish that can be made as spicy or mild as you like it. It can be served hot as an entree or cold as a salad; when served cold, try to reduce the amount of oil by a half a tablespoon.