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An Authentic Traditional-Style New Mexico Green Chile Sauce

Green Chile | Sauce | Spicy | Chile

When I moved to Wyoming I had to learn the hard way that Wyoming and Colorado "Green Chile" isn't even remotely the same thing as the sublime New Mexican sauce/condiment that I was used to eating just a few hours away. The Wyoming style Green Chile really should be called Green Chili Stew - as it's more of a stew than a sauce, even though they use it as a sauce. If you want to know what a real Green Chile is - try this recipe. You won't look at this Wyoming/Colorado stuff the same way ever again.


Balinese Thousand Spice Sauce

This recipe was given to me by my mother - she likes to use it with Spiced Lobster Saté.


Nuoc Mau - Vietnamese Caramel Sauce

Vietnamese | Savory | Sauce | Cornerstone

If you're going to delve deeply into cooking Vietnamese food, get over your fear of heat and make some caramel sauce! It's not as difficult as you may think. Just get some sugar, water and a saucepan. Once you've mastered it, it will quickly become your stealth ingredient. All you're doing is nearly burning sugar.


Ponzu Sauce

Sauce | Base | Citrus | Japanese

This is the classic Japanese sauce using yuzu juice. If you can’t find yuzu, lime juice is an acceptable substitute. Most Asian markets now stock bottled yuzu juice. Ponzu is great on grilled meats, but you can use it to create a salad dressing with an Asian flair.